Bite-Sized Sessions

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Presenteeism & Burnout:

An enlightening perspective on two issues that challenge individuals and organisations. Gain an understanding around how overworking and perspective can affect efficient working.

Changing Perspective:

An introduction to the influences on perspective and how we see situations.

Impactful Influencing:

This session uncovers how adopting a multi-layered approach, enables you to influence even the most challenging individuals and groups.

Transformational Leadership:

We briefly explore the balance between transactional leadership and leading, based on a set of values that ultimately shapes you and your organisation.

Decision Making under Pressure:

Gain an awareness of the common pitfalls when making decisions in conditions of uncertainty or high risk.

Effective Networking:

A willingness to step outside your comfort zone of behaviour is the key to effective networking. This session highlights how making small changes to your approach can make a significant difference to how you connect with others.