Layered Development

Designed as a series of ‘interconnected’ sessions, this programme has been created to support, enhance and develop your approach to leadership.

Who should register?

Delivered as a series of six ninety minute webinar episodes, we offer these programmes to aspiring and emerging leaders.

Why should you consider joining this programme?

It’s easy to learn, practical by nature, using proven knowledge and techniques….and by the way, it’s lots of fun!

A solution that aims to prevent the barriers in relating, communicating and influencing colleagues and clients.

A challenge to historically rigid thinking, this programme introduces the concept of adaptive thinking.

Encourages the adoption of clearer thought processes that will increase personal productivity and promote greater self confidence.


I’ve participated in numerous training courses over the years, but Layered Development Programme developed and delivered by Shinesmith and Women in Exhibitions stood head and shoulders above them all. The trainers are true experts at what they do, extremely knowledgeable and personable. The content they delivered was insightful, engaging and most importantly practical and easy to implement in everyday life. The format was well thought out, and the trainers made the material accessible to all who attended no matter their seniority or experience.

Daria Smith, Key Account Director Hyve

We all learnt so much and will use these skills in every aspect of our lives moving forward. Throughout the whole process you were always willing to explain and go the extra mile as well as give each of us personal time to get to know us individually which is so valuable in today’s times.

Savannah Guerreiro, Montgomery Group

Next Layered Development Programme scheduled for Jun 9 - July 14, 2022

Servant Leadership: Focus on the key skills and techniques you need to achieve this person-centric leadership style, and how you can draw on the diverse culture of skills surrounding you to achieve success. As well as introducing key threads that will run through the entirety of the programme, we will be looking specifically at transformational leadership, in comparison to traditional hierarchical leadership; behavioural diversity and individuals comfort zones; and reflecting on what we ourselves need for hapiness and success.

Trustworthiness: Leaders need to demonstrate integrity to build trust, through clear professional values and intent as well as demonstrating IQ & EQ. By being open and honest, you inspire those around you to act similarly, creating a positive team culture and goal orientated work flow.

Influencing: Our second session takes a journey through the facets of influencing, from building credibility through our professionalism puzzle model to influencing individuals utilising their behavioural comfort zone, and exerting influence in majority and minority group situations.

Communication: Strong leadership hinges on communication of all forms. Our third session takes a journey into the art of communication, from first impressions to active listening, communicating with individuals from different behaviorual comfort zones, and crafting persuasive presentations. You will learn to personalise your communication styles to your audience to reduce potential conflicts, and align your team to your vision and goals.

Delegation: Leaders who try to take on too many tasks themselves will struggle to get anything done. This session explores; the strengths and effectiveness of delegating, and how this effects the team you are leading; Understand the learning cycle; how to define expectations and allocate resources for your colleagues to grow.

Responsibility: A leader is responsible for both successes and failures of their team. Others respect can wane as a result of pointing fingers and blaming others, so acknowledging mistakes is an essential aspect of leadership. This session covers being open to feedback, how to effectively communicate bad news, and evaluating the best solutions when managing projects.

Corporate fee

Corporate members enrolling additional team members in the programme benefit from highly competitive pricing.

£ 195 / Person / Programme

Corporate fee 5+

Corporate members enrolling 5+ team members benefit from a reduced registration fee.

£ 145 / Person / Programme

Corporate fee 10+

Corporate members enrolling 10+ team members benefit of a further reduced registration fee.

£ 95 / Person / Programme

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