Fireside Chat – The menopause and why it is a business issue

Tuesday Jan 18 2022 , 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Online Event

Nicola Green Consultancy will be providing a presentation about the menopause and why it is also a business issue.

Nicola’s passion is to help eradicate the taboo subject of the menopause from the workplace and home and remove the stigma around the perceived age of a menopausal woman.

Within her presentation Nicola will provide a completely open and honest account of her own premature menopause and the impact it had on her personal and work life, which will be relatable to many. The presentation will also include information and facts, symptoms and an insight of potential workplace issues and how they can be supported. 

We are not educated on this topic and therefore this presentation is open to all ages and genders, as at some point in our lives we will either go through this ourselves or need to support others. 

Nicola’s presentation has been described as “making the uncomfortable, comfortable”.