General Manager at Exhibition Place

Laura Purdy is a Member of the Senior Management Team at Exhibition Place; leading venue event operations, the development of international and domestic sales & marketing initiatives, site-wide transportation & security, and the delivery of venue services to support the convention center clients and permanent tenants at Exhibition Place.

Laura provides leadership to the Exhibition Place departments of Sales, Marketing, Event Management Services, Transportation and Security Services. She is a respected leader, able to build highly motivated team. Strategic thinker, problem-solver, skilled negotiator and active listener whose mission is to support, lead and empower her team of industry professionals.

Laura is joining Martha Donato and Stephanie Selesnick in setting up the North America chapter of Women in Exhibitions Network.

"My dream job was to become a medical doctor… although there was a brief period as a child when I wanted to be the ‘Kicker’ for the Dallas Cowboys football team. (It never resonated with me that the NFL was a male-only league.)"
General Manager at Exhibition Place

What is your favorite 90’s song?
#41 by Dave Matthews Band

If you could invite anyone to present with you on stage who would it be?
Oh gosh, I have no idea. I would be happy to share the stage with anyone.

Imagine you are famous, who would you be?
I don’t have any aspirations to be famous. I’m content to be who I am.

Who inspired you the most in your life and how?
My mother; she encouraged each of her daughters to be self-reliant, independent thinkers, and to choose a career path that did not limit ourselves. She was ahead of her time!