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Kate Chambers

Kate Chambers

Gaming and Event Industry Consultant
Kate Chambers is an experienced media professional and community experience builder. Driven by the challenge of asking the question Why not? she takes pride in providing the best challenge culture possible. As a senior leader her goals include building strong market leading brands, creating real communities in the markets she works in and creating a development culture in her teams. Kate's passion for transformational management can be seen over the 30 years of working in media, where she spent significant time working overseas on large international portfolios where brand and community development has been a driving passion. A pioneer in the event experience space for large event organisers, Kate started her career in sales across print, digital and events. She held senior positions at divisional management level across global portfolios and drove significant growth through organic and acquisition development. Currently she is building her own business in media and has started her own company as the industry she loves reels from the 2020 Covid pandemic. As a Founder at Fulwood Media, Kate is widely known for her ability to share personal experience and learn from it alongside sharing her experience from over 30 years of working across all forms of media and how you build an integrated portfolio targeting industry verticals and building a community.
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