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Register for 'Creating pathways to women in leadership - empowering women to develop leadership careers in exhibitions '

12th November | 11am - 12:30pm

There are persistent barriers to women's advancement into leadership in all areas of work, and the events and exhibitions sector has its own set of challenges.  In this interactive workshop, Dr Emma Abson will present the results of her 2 year research project which explored the barriers and pathways to leadership for women in events. She'll share the barriers that hold women back and provide space for attendees to discuss the challenges in their own organisations or their own careers. The key focus of the session however will be on strategies to create positive change - the small wins approach that will empower more women to take on leadership roles and support them in their journey to the top.

The session is open to all - junior members of the network will be able to listen and learn and senior members will hear a range of strategic changes that they can apply to create positive action in their own organisations.

SPEAKER: Dr Emma Abson

Dr Emma Abson

Dr Emma Abson is a leadership researcher, consultant and trainer, specialising in events and the creative industries.  She has 15 years of academic experience, teaching event management at University level and she has published several textbooks on events and event leadership.  Her research focuses on leadership, gender and team work.  Prior to her career as an academic, she worked in the event industry as the Head of Events for a publishing company.  Knowing the importance of creating a leadership mindset, and the confidence to recognise leadership in oneself, has been central to her own career and has shaped her research - she now uses her unique combination of academic knowledge and industry expertise to offer bespoke training and consultancy to SMEs in the creative industries. You can read more about Emma's work on her website

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