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Can joy really change your life? Join Joyologist, Donna Easton, in a transformative workshop exploring the 6-step 'E.L.A.T.E.D. System for Happiness'. In this interactive session, you'll learn practical tools to boost your energy, shift your perspective and enhance your vibe. Discover strategies to build resilience, amplify your success, and lead a happier life. Experience firsthand how prioritising joy can revolutionise your daily routine and outcomes. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your personal and professional life!

SPEAKER: Donna Easton

Donna Easton

Donna Easton, a Joyologist and the pioneering force behind JOYOLOGY, is on a mission to redefine our life and work ethos. At the heart of JOYOLOGY lies a compelling mission: to unlock the immense potential within individuals and businesses, propelling them towards success through the power of joy. Donna’s unique approach and transformative methodologies have secured her status as a sought-after speaker and media figure with appearances on TV and radio and features in esteemed publications such as Stylist, The Express, and Psychologies. She is also a regular contributor to Hello! magazine.

Donna's charisma and insightful perspectives have made her a favourite at various festivals and events, including CarFest, Latitude, Mind Body Spirit Festival, and Camp Bestival, where she captivates audiences with her dynamic presentations and distinctive flair. She also imparts her wisdom through impactful keynotes at a wealth of leading organisations like Google, Mars, and Holland & Barrett.

Donna's work helps us see that happiness is not just an emotion but a powerful catalysts for success.

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