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You want to smash your targets by winning bigger deals more quickly. Knowing how to get there is the tough bit.

The highest performing teams are laser focused on four sales KPIs. And they know how to positively impact each one.

In this training session you will learn crucial hacks to:

  • Increase the number of quality opportunities in your pipeline
  • Drive up your average deal value
  • Increase your win rate
  • Reduce your sales cycle

You will leave with immediately actionable takeaways to power personal and team performance to drive more revenue.

SPEAKER: Raoul Monks


After more than a decade of excelling in commercial roles in the media and events market, Raoul set up Flume in 2010 with the goal of helping B2B sales teams and commercial leaders to adapt in a constantly and rapidly evolving market. And that is what he does. His revolutionary way of changing thinking and behaviours has helped every Flume client drive long-term, sustainable growth in opportunities, business wins and revenue. At Flume, he uses research and his vast experience of the B2B markets to challenge the way traditional companies operate. He consistently motivates and inspires people to change the way they approach business to become top performers.

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